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Key Phases of the Dealmaking Process
We have identified 15 key phases that need to be diligently handled to make a successful deal. See Article

The Mindful Dealmaker
Mindful dealmakers do deals that deliver the anticipated values and benefits. Mindful dealmakers make good deals because they make good decisions throughout and beyond the process of doing the deal. See Article

What Motivates a Seller?
The truly adept buyer is continually attempting to discern what is really motivating the seller to sell. See Article

Information Technology in the Acquisition MarketPlace?
An overview of the current state of Information Technology (IT) within the M&A community and the opportunities and challenges for a more efficient acquisition marketplace.
See Article (PDF - 34KB)

9 Reasons Why You Should Identify Your Acquisition "Value Drivers"
Although a great deal of time, talent, and money can go into closing an acquisition, an acquisition is not an end in itself. A merger or acquisition is a process. See Article

MoneySoft Software and The New Goodwill Rules
A number of MoneySoft's customers have called to find out how the adoption of SFAS 141 and 142 affects the deal structuring section of Buy-Out Plan®, Buy-Out Plan Professional Advisor and DealSense ™. View Answer Here

The FASB May Add Spark to Lackluster M&A Market
An overview of the two new accounting statements: Financial Accounting Standards No. 141, Business Combinations ("SFAS 141") and No. 142, Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets ("SFAS 142") issued by FASB and their effects on various markets. See Article

MoneySoft and the Association For Corporate Form Marketing Alliance
The Association For Corporate Growth and MoneySoft are announcing a strategic partnership aimed at helping mid-sized companies make more successful acquisitions. See Article

Announcing DealSenseTM
DealSense From MoneySoft Combines the Global Reach of the Internet and Powerful Valuation and Planning Software to Streamline Corporate Acquisitions. See Article (PDF - 18KB)

MoneySoft and Practitioners Publishing Company Form Alliance To Increase Presence in CPA Valuation Market
MoneySoft and Practitioners Publishing Company (PPC) have entered into a licensing agreement whereby PPC will distribute MoneySoft’s Corporate Valuation Professional program to the CPA market. See Article

Corporate Valuation Professional - The State of the Art Valuation System
MoneySoft announces the immediate availability of a new high-end valuation system called Corporate Valuation Professional. This extremely powerful technology was designed for CPA’s, ASA’s, CFA’s and practitioners in need of senior-level valuations or appraisals for tax, litigation support, or business planning purposes. See Article

Volume 2, No. 2
Fixed Asset Levels When Preparing a Forecast...How to Avoid Fixed Asset Shenanigans...New Database Products for Financial Analysis and Valuation Benchmarking. Download (.PDF) 353KB

Volume 1, No. 2
M&A Update: Dollar Value of Deals Skyrockets...Finding Deals and Managing Deal Flow with Help from MoneySoft...MoneySoft Year 2000 Software Compliance...Prepare Professional Valuations and Presentations with Corporate Valuation™ Software from MoneySoft ...Buy-Out Plan™ Professional Advisor...The Deductibility of Noncompete Covenants. Download (.PDF) 382KB

Acquirer Motivations and Market Outlook
While there is no way to forecast exactly how much longer the M&A boom will last, it is likely that activity will remain high as long as market conditions are favorable. See Article

M&A MarketPlace Observations
Merger and acquisition activity ended the century at record levels. According to data aggregated by Mergerstat, the value of domestic deals soared to $1.418 trillion. See Article

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